Dr. Jim Birrell

Brilliant Smiles By Dr. Birrell

We believe that caring for your teeth is one of the most important factors in promoting good health. Dr. Birrell and his team are committed to providing you with optimal oral health and innovative solutions.

Highly acclaimed dental practice coach Dr. Bill Blatchford has just published 'Playing Your 'A' Game'. This inspirational guide profiles 24 diverse practices and doctors who tell - in their own words - how they achieved their successful practice. Dr. Birrell was one of 24 dentists to be recognized for his level of care and professionalism. The book devotes an entire chapter to Dr. Birrell entitled "Mentors With Compassion, Grace, and Commitment", as Dr. Blatchford points to Dr. Birrell as a model of an enthusiastic learner and leader which has far reaching benefits for his patients.